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Interactive Map and Local Guide to Snohomish County, Washington

Snohomish County has a population of nearly 600,000
Over half of them are online at least once a month.

They will find you on MetroMap.comsm

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Website Link

A direct link through the map to your website.

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  • Company name and symbol on the map
  • Your map symbol links to your web site
  • Company info listed below the map (also linked to your web site)
  • Business listings organized by category
  • Search engine finds all text
  • Rotation on home page "Featured site of the Day"
  • Less than $7.50 per month!

200 words

A description of your business. In your own words.

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  • 200 words printed below your Company info
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  • Inform customers of special offers or events
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  • FREE monthly updates
  • Adds style to your listing!

Banner Ads

The front door to your online store. Can your print ad do that?


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  • Banner ads link to your web site
  • Geographic placement available to reach a targeted audience
  • Categorical placement available to reach an even more specific audience
  • Floating "ALT" text adds a small text message to the banner
  • 3 sizes:
    Small - $20 in map margin
    Medium - $35 at top of page
    Large - $25 at bottom of page
  • Large-order discounts available!
  • Ask about placement on the home page
  • Banner ad swap? OK !

Business Listings

Sometimes, the best things in life are free.

  • Submit your info to the Map Room
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    Hours of operation
    Category preference
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